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Kam-Moon Cheung 張錦滿

An experienced writer in various disciplines, Kam-Moon is an old hand in the publication field, having been the editors of various kinds of magazines in the past thirty years, including Close Up Biweekly (Chief Editor), Esquire (Chief Editor), Capital (Managing Editor), Express Daily (Features Editor), China Golf (Chief Editor) and Cup Weekly (Lifestyle Editor). In 2005-06, Kam-Moon was the Editorial Director of Modern Media Group, which publishes such popular magazines as City Magazine(號外), Modern Weekly (周末畫報), The Outlook Magazine (新視綫) and City Magazine China (生活).

Besides commercial publications, Kam-Moon had also served as the Editor of the Hong Kong Asian Arts Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival for consecutive five years in the 1980s. He had also worked in the film and television industry for TVB, CTV, RTV, Cinema City and Seasonal Film Company in the 1970s & 1980s, which had earned him sound knowledge in film and TV productions, especially in script writing.

Being a professional writer and editor for a long time, Kam-Moon has had some significant works to date, just to name a recent one: being the Chinese Editor and translator of Paris-Peking, the 286-page exhibition catalogue of Myriam and Guy Ullens' collection of contemporary Chinese paintings in Paris in October 2002.

Kam-Moon's articles are widely published in Hong Kong, China as well as Taiwan and his media connection across the region is solid and significant.

Besides being a writer and a translator, Kam-Moon is also a keen golfer. He is the pioneer of Chinese golf media in Hong Kong. Following golf events for nearly twenty years, he established The Hong Kong Golf Media Association in May 2002 and has been elected the President of the Association since then.

Evelyn Chan 陳惠明
Kam-Moon Cheung 張錦滿

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